San Bernardino Tower 1820/1825

Built between 1820 and 1825, this brick tower is one of the nineteenth-century towers built to defend the core of the city of Genoa, and was mainly used as a forward post for the nearby Porta San Bernardino. Access to the tower was through a long caponier built in 1826, with an entrance in the ravelin in front of the San Bernardino gate and equipped with numerous loopholes to beat the access road.
The tower has three floors, one of which is an underground warehouse with a water cistern. On the ground floor there are three embrasures and numerous embrasures, as on the first floor, where the embrasure still has its original iron grating.

Inside the tower there are still the rings for harnessing the cannons, communication between the various levels is ensured by a steep staircase that leads up to the roof terrace, where you can see the slight slope for the reflux of water that channeled into a channel brought the water in the underground cistern. On the long parapet of the roof, there are numerous embrasures that still have their gratings, and in the centre of the roof there is a marble closure, now cemented, which was used to facilitate the evacuation of the fumes from the artillery.
The artillery in the tower included a 9-inch BR (Ret) cannon, as well as various portable firearms.

Mappa Torre di San Bernardino