Montelongone and Serralunga Tower 1819

In 1819, after the annexation of Liguria to the Kingdom of Savoy, it was decided, for the defence of Mount Ratti, to build two circular defensive towers Montelongone and Serralunga; both were not finished, although their remains are still clearly visible. Along the ridge to the east of the Mount you can see the remains of the Serralunga Tower, which faces the Sant’Eusebio district; the other tower, called Montelongone, faces the huge hollow produced by the quarry work immediately to the south of the fort.
A third tower, called Torre Monteratti, was instead built from 1819 and completed in 1826.
Identical in structure to the Quezzi Tower, it was situated at the top of the relief, on an esplanade of about 250 m along the ridge of the mountain.

Serralunga Tower

Montelongone Tower

Torre Montelongone