Eastern Forts

The construction to the east of the city of a series of fortifications outside the seventeenth-century walls developed according to three historical phases referring to significant political and military moments in the life of Genoa, culminating in the sieges of 1746/7 and 1800.
In June 1747, the Austrian forces commanded by Marshal Schulembourg, after conquering the redoubts of Mount Ratti and the defences of Camaldoli, were only arrested near the entrenchments of the Madonna del Monte, which prevented their victorious entry into the city for the second time. The siege of 1746, revealing the weakest parts of the defensive system, led to the intervention and design work of the group of military engineers headed by de Sicre, engineer and general inspector of the Fortifications, flanked by Colonel De Cotte, director of works and superintendent of contracts, Colonel Matteo Vinzoni, supervisor of the progress of the work, and finally Captain Codeviola, professor at the Academy of Mathematics in charge of surveying and design, replaced in 1790 by Captain Giacomo Brusco.
To this group of technicians we owe the works of the first phase, today scarcely recognisable, which from the sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte protected the gardens and villas on the eastern bank of the Bisagno as far as the batteries of San Nazzaro and San Giuliano on the sea. On 6 April 1741 de Sicre presented the schematic drawings of the two fortresses of Quezzi and Santa Tecla relating to the first enlargement and reinforcement of that line and entrenchments.
A few months later, with the project for Fort Richelieu, the second phase of the drawing of the eastern polygon for the defence of the city was completed. The constructions that had just been sketched out remained in their original situation for more than fifty years; their reinforcement, in the first half of the 19th century, took place at the same time as the construction by the Sardinian Military Engineers of Forts Ratti, San Martino and San Giuliano, which completed the framework of the defence lines of the eastern polygon of fortifications.

(Taken from “I Forti di Genova” Sagep Editrice)